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Tripoli International Food, Food Technologies, Pack & Plastics Show 2021


Meat and meat products
Non-alcoholic beverages
Confectionery products
Oil and oil products
Chocolate, biscuit, chewing gum and gofret products
Fruits, vegetables and natural products
Milk and dairy products
Fish and fish products
Bakery products and pastries.
Concentrated drink and frozen food Machinery and equipments for dairy products
Machinery and equipments for flour and bakery products
Machinery and equipments for meat and poultry products
Machinery and equipments for sugar industry
Equipments for heating, cooling and ventilating
Machinery and equipments for fruits and vegetables
Machinery and equipments for oil industry and concentrated foods
Equipments for fast food, catering services and restaurants
Equipments for water industry
Cooling equipments
Equipments for measurement, control and laboratory
Machinery and equipments for markets and shopping centers
Safety and hygiene
Machinery and equipments for meat industry

Raw materials and fabricated materials
Materials for packaging
Packaging and packaging accessories
Packaging machinery and equipments
Folio packaging products
Cardboard and corrugated cardboard products
Food containers
Packaging machines
Various auxiliary machines
Label and labelling systems
Printing and printing systems
Plastic packages
Filing and packing machines
Plastic packing machines
Plastic and rubber materials

Modern irrigation systems
Pumps, water pipes
Deep water systems
Greenhosing and Greenhousing systems
Agricultural machinery
Seeds and seed sowing machines
Plant protection systems
Animqal health Technologies
Animal production Systems and machines
Agricultural production systems
Fishery and poultry husbandry