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• Meat and meat products
• Non-alcoholic beverages
• Confectionery products
• Oil and oil products
• Chocolate, biscuit, chewing gum and gofret products
• Fruits, vegetables and natural products
• Milk and dairy products
• Fish and fish products
• Bakery products and pastries.
• Concentrated drink and frozen food • Machinery and equipments for dairy products
• Machinery and equipments for flour and bakery products
• Machinery and equipments for meat and poultry products
• Machinery and equipments for sugar industry
• Equipments for heating, cooling and ventilating
• Machinery and equipments for fruits and vegetables
• Machinery and equipments for oil industry and concentrated foods
• Equipments for fast food, catering services and restaurants
• Equipments for water industry
• Cooling equipments
• Equipments for measurement, control and laboratory
• Machinery and equipments for markets and shopping centers
• Safety and hygiene
• Machinery and equipments for meat industry

• Raw materials and fabricated materials
• Materials for packaging
• Packaging and packaging accessories
• Packaging machinery and equipments
• Folio packaging products
• Cardboard and corrugated cardboard products
• Food containers
• Packaging machines
• Various auxiliary machines
• Label and labelling systems
• Printing and printing systems
• Plastic packages
• Filing and packing machines
• Plastic packing machines
• Plastic and rubber materials

• Modern irrigation systems
• Pumps, water pipes
• Deep water systems
• Fertilizers
• Greenhosing and Greenhousing systems
• Agricultural machinery
• Seeds and seed sowing machines
• Plant protection systems
• Animqal health Technologies
• Animal production Systems and machines
• Agricultural production systems
• Fishery and poultry husbandry